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Working with Regional & International Developers

Our Objectives

Our objective is clear. We want to collaborate and form partnerships with forward thinking housing professionals that want to build homes better, greener and faster, for the benefit of the resident.

Our Offering

We have a variety of offerings that developers can choose from, in order to realize their ambition in providing communities where residents and placemaking are positioned at the forefront of the plan. In being able to take the project through all stages of the RIBA process or alternatively carry out specific activities within that process, we give the developer the control they want to ensure the scheme works for them and their clients.

We have a dedicated development team made up of housing industry professionals, who have an enviable reputation for delivering high quality, urban design, placemaking and sustainable communities.

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These assets can provide higher quality solutions with lower risk and greater speed, cost-effectiveness and build consistency.

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The Requirements

The factory manufacturing process is both lean and productive with less waste in terms of energy and materials, more conducive to recycling and the use of recycled materials. We work with technology companies that offer an array of energy efficient power sources including Solar PV and storage, heat pumps and mechanical heat recovery systems.

Combined with very high insulation values we have produced homes achieving a 98 A+ EPC and 98 CO2 rating. Likewise, net zero designs are available in order to meet the Future Homes Standard.

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Our Development Team

We have a dedicated development team made up of housing industry professionals who have an enviable reputation for delivering high quality, urban design, placemaking and sustainable communities.

Our team has experience in delivering large regeneration projects and implicitly understand the need for effective communication at all stages of the project.

Our team can embrace client’s requirements and propose designs which will deliver a sustainable, safe and vibrant new development, which will have a real sense of space and more importantly, community.

Pre-Construction Confidence

We have a range of experienced housing professions that will aim to make the development process as seamless as possible.

From a pre-construction perspective our team can manage planning, scope and cost estimation, whilst always aiming to get the most value out of your development.

Technical Expertise

Our team can also manage the technical design process of your project through planning stage to practical completion.

The team have carefully designed a variety of standard house types that cover the most popular housing sizes within the market today.

Using the TM volumetric build system, we can offer vast customization and adapt our standard house types to suit, or create a custom volumetric design in line with either customer or architect’s requirements.

Our team can provide technical advice on the feasibility of projects, determining constraints, and advising on budgets, phasing and timing.

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On a regional perspective – local authorities would like…

Brownfield Regeneration.

Creation of New Jobs.

Digitalisation in the Sector.

Green Manufacturing.

We are achieving this.

MMC Framework

Homes England have announced their 25% MMC requirement for the 2021-2026 Affordable Housing funding bid for any categories of MMC. We are the top Category 1 within the MMC framework and are currently achieving well above the qualification rates for Pre-Manufactured Value.

Focus should not be on like-for-like unit cost, but also on sustainability, energy-efficiency, project-efficiency, and long-term quality. These should be supported and prioritised.


Totally Modular can access land and re-purpose existing smaller brownfield sites that traditional builds would find difficult or too expensive to navigate – unlocking new land and adding huge value to the offer.

We are committed to building energy efficient homes that support the local supply chain, whilst employing local labour.


When thinking about ‘unit price’ we need to also think about value in terms of sustainability. The unit price can include zero carbon, highly insulated homes that can support green energy, which leads to reduced running costs. The unit cost is not necessarily ‘like-for-like’ when compared with a traditional build.

Future Proof

Like for like comparison tends to forget about the ongoing maintenance of a home.

Totally Modular offer lower ongoing maintenance costs for the lifetime of the house due to the quality of the build.

Build it… Better
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Plethora of Accreditations
  • Precision Engineered Process
Build it… Greener
  • Carbon Zero Homes
  • A+ EPC Rated Homes as standard
  • Less than 1% Wastage
  • Green Technologies Available
Build it Faster…
  • Greater Predictability
  • Faster Installation