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A Place to Feel Safe

Homelessness is growing in countries throughout the world. As a result, many nations are now having to step up to the consequence of supporting individuals from war-torn and oppressed countries who are seeking refuge in a safer environment.

Homelessness is a complex issue involving elements of public health, affordable housing, domestic violence, mental illness, drug abuse, urbanization, racial and gender discrimination, infrastructure, and unemployment.

We have developed a range of ‘Micro-Living’ solutions which we believe will help to resolve the issues of rough sleeping and homelessness. These solutions are aimed at individuals and families taking back control of their lives by having a safe place to call home and providing a route back into society.

We offer a range of high quality, carbon zero emergency accommodation solutions to housing associations, local authorities and charities which can be delivered at speed. Our factory built modules can be transported to site up to 95% complete, requiring minimal finishing and connection to services.

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The United Nations Human Settlements Program estimates that 1.6 billion people live in inadequate housing, and the best data available suggest that more than 100 million people have no housing at all.

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A Scale of Options

We have a range of pre-designed units from single person, single story units up to apartment block combinations.

All our modules are produced using the same high quality materials and construction as our standard housing systems.

Interior and exterior finishes can be selected to suit design choices or local/regional planning requirements.

Micro modules can be transported to site on a Hiab mounted lorry, eliminating the need for a site crane and therefore reducing the cost of installation.

/ Modular Applications /


The system can be applied to a wide range of short, medium or long term applications.

Emergency Relief
Cluster, stacked or ground level units can be provided for emergency relief in areas of conflict or natural disasters anywhere in the world.

Meanwhile Land
On land subject to temporary planning permission, or on council owned land (e.g car parks), modules can be installed to provide an instant short to medium term housing solution.

Permanent Housing
We have a single person bungalow with a GIA of 17.65m2 and a 2 bed family bungalow (GIA 29.78m2). Stacked units can be used to create apartment blocks and HMOs.

Key Worker
Our units are ideal for temporary or semi permanent key worker accommodation in remote areas.

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Modular Residential Sectors

Modular for Micro-Homes.

We have developed a range of ‘Micro-Living’ solutions which we believe will help to resolve the issues of rough sleeping and homelessness, and allow families to take back control of their lives by having a safe place to call home.

Modular for Homes.

Totally Modular are a manufacturer of volumetric modular homes designed to carbon zero standards. Modules are designed and factory built and can be delivered to site up to 95% complete.

Working with UK & International Partners

Our commitment to the whole MMC (modern methods of construction) journey across many of our projects has shown a combination of accelerated delivery, digital planning, and production technologies that will enable the construction industry to attain new levels of quality, variability and efficiency.

This success is a unique achievement that highlights our strong commitment for driving new innovative methods to enable positive transformation within the global construction sector for a multitude of reasons.

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