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Can I get a mortgage on a modular house?

YES, is the short answer. However, full certification and warranty are required to give ‘piece of mind’ to the lenders. Totally Modular have all necessary certificates.

What is a modular hospital?
A temporary emergency facility that is built from prefabricated material creating additional space where needed such as accommodation for staff, specialist facilities or additional beds.
How much does a modular classroom cost?
Generally speaking, modular classrooms are priced up based on their SQM and exact specifications. To get an accurate price, please contact us for more information.
Are modular classrooms cheaper?

Modular construction can reduce the costs by at least 30% based on less production time, reduced labour and less materials.

Why would you consider modular construction for the Defence Industry?
With so many benefits to consider with modular construction, the use of modular buildings is becoming more common within the defence sector. The main key benefits include cost effectiveness, flexible and adaptable building space and minimised base disruption.
How does Modular construction reduce base disruption?
Due to the buildings being manufactured remotely, and bought on to base only for the final assembly and finishing, the reduction of material use, energy and downtime is enormous.
How do modular buildings help prisons?

Modular construction can provide expansion to custodial space quickly using off-site construction methods. Modular buildings can provide additional space for facilities such as:
• custodial suites
• gymnasiums
• mail rooms
• office / administration space
• Faith spaces

How much do modular homes cost in comparison to other types of construction?
Many factors affect the price of any home, regardless of the construction method.

Generally, after full specification has been decided a fixed cost of the superstructure (all above ground) is calculated. One of the biggest benefits of a modular home is the fact this price is fixed and in the contract.

Cost certainty for the client is something not available with a traditional delivery of block and brick.

Modular homes are prefabricated, are they built to last?
All new homes built in the UK must be certified to last a minimum of 60 years, deemed to be two mortgage terms. All Totally Modular homes have this certification.
What materials do we use to build our homes?

Our structure is a hybrid of light gauge cold and hot rolled steel. The rest of the materials we use are standard as used by most every other house builder in the UK.

Do we get choices on design?
We do have our own ‘house-types’ that are costed and ready to be manufactured. However, we do not restrict you choosing or designing your own home. Clients always have their own internal and external specification opinions, and we endeavour to accommodate all our clients’ requirements.
Are any new hospitals being built in the UK?
In 2020, the Prime Minister announced that 40 hospitals were to be built by 2030 and in addition to this, a further eight new schemes were asked to bid for further future funding.
Do Totally Modular offer extensions to existing buildings?
Unfortunately, our current business model does not lend itself to projects of this nature, as the design & engineering costs for this offering are not viable for us to accommodate at present.
How long do modular classrooms last?

The lifespan of a modular or portable building can last a minimum of 20 years and if correct maintenance and upkeep is applied, they can last forever.

What is the minimum order?
Totally Modular are looking for long term strategic partners. Our view is more about the potential to forge this partnership over the coming years. Factory homes are here and only going to grow in market share. Currently we will consider any potential project for the right customer and their housing forecasts. This is about the long-term objectives and values.
What are the benefits of modular hospitals?
By opting for a modular hospital space, you are eliminating unnecessary waste with time, materials and labour due to the modern building process.
What can defence modular buildings be used for?

Modular buildings are adaptable and flexible in their application and use, and can be used for a range of different facilities such as;

  • Ammunition storage facilities
  • Administration facilities
  • Commissaries
  • Bunkhouses
  • Intelligence Facilities
  • Hospital / Medical Care
  • Research facilities
  • Training facilities
  • Utility Structures
  • Vehicle repair / maintenance

And more!

What are the benefits of modular construction for Justice sector?

From temporary jail holding cells to space for expansion with minimum downtime or disruption, the use of modular building creates great adaptability and flexibility for any justice system.

Are all sites suitable for modular delivery?
Every project site is unique, in simple terms we need access for both the modules and the crane. A broad rule of thumb is if a refuse vehicle or fire engine can get on to the site then we can make the delivery. There are exceptions of course, we always look at the logistics at early stages so not to waste anyone’s time.