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Delivering Social Value to Our Communities

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Safe, Sustainable & Affordable Homes

At Totally Modular we are committed to delivering the concept of permanent and temporary housing for a range of worldwide sectors and our local community

We aim to tackle all the challenges the housing sector is currently facing such as; a reluctance of youth engagement, skills shortages, poor productivity, low output of housing supply and low affordability.

We believe Totally Modular has the potential to help solve the UK housing crisis in creating the highly paid and highly skilled jobs of the future and set global standards for house-building.

Moreover, our goal is to provide permanent and temporary modular assets to sectors such as:

Prisons, Education & Healthcare

Hospitality, Residential and Commercial

Partnership & International Projects

Local Community

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These assets can provide higher quality solutions with lower risk and greater speed, cost-effectiveness and build consistency.

/ Business Model /

We are proud that our business model also supports…

Innovation and Sustainable Growth
All our projects encompass a digital spine that showcases better delivery, enable more certainty and transparency during the design, construction and operation of MMC housing. Therefore, increasing asset availability, value, lifespan and maximise performance.

Regenerating brownfield land with new housing.

Increase supply of affordable housing.

Bridging the skills gap and helping young people
We are focused on upskilling, employability and wellbeing of the local community to enable as many people as possible to benefit from new and higher value jobs.

Totally Modular operates to an enhanced standard of design and quality, whilst producing sustainable commercial outputs.

/ Efficient Modular Homes /

Hub & Spoke

We have developed a trail blazing production line model whereby our current centralised ‘hub’ manufacturing facility can be replicated in areas of highest demand for new homes across the UK with ‘Spoke’ factories, with a reduced factory establishment time frame and operational costs.

This model will help us realise a vision for ‘human centred’ housing, by providing homes as well as places for work and learning, enabling resilient communities to access affordable low-carbon homes.

Human-centred Housing

Affordable low-carbon homes.

Our Contribution

Local Homes

  • Accelerated Delivery
  • Brownfield Regeneration
  • Increasing the supply
  • Enhanced Standards of design and quality

Local Jobs

  • Job Creation
  • Tackling the skills shortage by changing workforce needs
  • Future proofing skills and jobs using MMC technology

Local Economy

  • Supporting the Local Supply Chain
  • Green Manufacturing
  • Sustainable Commercial Outputs

Accessibility to All

Totally modular provides fast, efficient, and affordable housing to a range of sectors such as Prisons, Education, Healthcare, Offices, Estates, and more!

Tackling UK housing shortages & increasing local employability 

It is well publicised that the UK faces an unprecedented housing shortage; despite this, just half the homes needed are being built and the shortfall continues to increase. It is also widely acknowledged that building with MMC, including off-site manufacturing of houses in factories, can reduce construction waste and improve productivity.

Optimisation of the factory process can maximise these benefits as far as possible, helping to reduce emissions from the housing sector which plays a key part in addressing climate change.

Our vision promotes the building of high quality, low carbon, affordable housing at pace and scale, constructed in days instead of months. This is particularly beneficial to suppliers of social housing who are facing ever greater challenges in delivering quality affordable homes.

Job Creation

Totally Modular aim to create a new generation of housebuilders. We have partnerships with a range of organisations to facilitate the scope to offer jobs to a range of individuals, from unskilled to skilled, veterans or apprentices, school leavers or mature individuals who are interested in participating in the innovative, future proof, modular construction industry.

Armed Forces Covenant

We’re proud to have signed The Armed Forces Covenant. This shows our commitment to support the armed forces community and defence in their employment search.

By being a forces friendly employer we can benefit from the wide range of unique skills and experiences that reservists and veterans can bring to Totally Modular. Reservists and veterans bring a variety of transferable skills and qualities to the civilian workplace, developed throughout their military careers.

We have been awarded the Silver Award as part of the Employer Recognition Scheme which acknowledges that Totally Modular have provided exceptional support to the armed forces community and defence by going above and beyond our covenant pledges.

HM Prisons Scheme

Totally Modular are proud to offer prison leavers and ex-offenders the opportunity to trial a factory operative or commercial role to help them integrate back into society. Offering support and guidance throughout the process, this will help them develop the personal and practical skills required to build a more positive future. Successful completion of the trial could lead to full-time paid employment with Totally Modular too.

The Totally Modular Academy

We have partnered with Dudley College to create a new bespoke apprenticeship scheme which will lead to participants achieving a formal qualification (NVQ/B-Tec) in Volumetric Off-site Modular (VOSM) as a craftsperson or technician.

This apprenticeship will allow successful learners to progress into several career paths from Quality Managers to Production Engineers by gaining hands on industry specific practical training in all areas of our volumetric offsite manufacturing process.


We have partnered with a number of local schools, colleges, universities and training providers to continually recruit apprentices from a range of different career paths, from technical design to digital marketing.

Quality & energy-efficient homes.

We believe our highly energy-efficient homes can help alleviate both the housing and skills crisis.

Creating hundreds of new jobs locally.

We are currently recruiting for a variety of roles at Totally Modular, both production and head office based.

Strengthening local supply chains.
We are committed to strengthening our local supply chains, through partnering with local business and stakeholders.