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From small scale GP practices to large scale hospital complexes, our health sector encompasses a wide range of building types ideally suited to factory produced volumetric modules.

Specialised units for scanning, screening and diagnostic suites for example, can quickly and cost effectively be produced and installed whilst minimising the disruption to the day to day operation of the facility.

Hospital staff accommodation or other key worker accommodation, either permanent or temporary, can be achieved using multiple units capable of constructing an accommodation block up to 6 storeys high.

The repeatable nature of the factory process is perfect for the production of multiple identical rooms.

Healthcare Facilities

In addition to specialised units and staff accommodation our volumetric modules can be used to create standalone healthcare facilities such as medical clinics, operating theatres, recovery rooms and dental surgeries. The modular construction process allows for a high degree of customization and flexibility in design.

Manufacturing volumetric modules for healthcare facilities in our BOPAS and ISO accredited factory ensures that the modules are produced to the highest standards of quality and durability. The BOPAS accreditation guarantees that the modules meet or exceed all relevant building regulations and standards, and are designed to last for at least 60 years with minimal maintenance.

The ISO accreditation on the other hand ensures that our factory adheres to strict quality control procedures throughout the manufacturing process. Our process allows for a high level of precision and consistency leading to fewer defects and faster construction times and more efficient use of materials and resources. Thus, resulting in less waste and a lower carbon footprint.

We believe that this is a cost effective and efficient solution for the construction of any Public/Crown project including Health Education Defence and Justice sectors.

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Frequently Asked

Quite often we are asked similar questions but if there is a particular question you would like answering or guidance on, please get in touch!

What is a modular hospital?

A temporary emergency facility that is built from prefabricated material creating additional space where needed such as accommodation for staff, specialist facilities or additional beds.

Are any new hospitals being built in the UK?

In 2020, the Prime Minister announced that 40 hospitals were to be built by 2030 and in addition to this, a further eight new schemes were asked to bid for further future funding.

What are the benefits of modular hospitals?

By opting for a modular hospital space, you are eliminating unnecessary waste with time, materials and labour due to the modern building process.


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Working with UK & International Partners

Our commitment to the whole MMC (modern methods of construction) journey across many of our projects has shown a combination of accelerated delivery, digital planning, and production technologies that will enable the construction industry to attain new levels of quality, variability and efficiency.

This success is a unique achievement that highlights our strong commitment for driving new innovative methods to enable positive transformation within the global construction sector for a multitude of reasons.

Could we be the right partner for your next project?

Modular for Health.

From small scale GP practices to large scale hospital complexes, our health sector encompasses a wide range of building types ideally suited to factory produced volumetric modules.

Modular for Education.

We can replace outdated and crumbling temporary classrooms with a more permanent, energy-efficient building, or as part of a larger programme of new build replacement.

Modular for Defense.

The repeatable nature of the factory build process is perfectly adapted to the construction of purpose built accommodation blocks whether it happens to be for student accommodation or for military applications.

Modular for Justice.

We have been engaged in the development of purpose built prison units as part of the UK Government’s Prison Estates Transformation Programme for the Department of Justice.