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Providing modular solutions for residential, public & private sectors in the UK & overseas

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Residential Housing Sector

Modular Buildings Residential


Totally Modular are a manufacturer of volumetric modular homes designed to carbon zero standards. Modules are designed and factory built and can be delivered to site up to 95% complete.

Modular Buildings Public Services

Micro Homes

We have developed a range of ‘Micro-Living’ solutions which we believe will help to resolve the issues of rough sleeping and homelessness.

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Private Sector

Authorities around the world are waking up to the benefits that modern methods of construction have to offer.The benefits that MMC has to offer goes beyond the residential sector, offering solutions right across the broader private sector.

Modular Buildings Residential

Commercial & Retail

Our factory built modules represent high quality, cost effective, permanent and energy efficient spaces which can be used across a wide range of commercial and retail applications.

Modular Buildings Public Services

Hospitality & Leisure

From a simple Air BnB to a full scale, low rise hotel or a tennis club clubhouse, the same attentiveness, quality materials and finish, and energy efficiency are necessary features.

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Student Accommodation

We produce modules in a range of sizes and configurations to provide individual study bedrooms, circulation spaces and various communal facilities.

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Public Sector

From building schools, hospitals and prisons,to major infrastructure and the wide range of construction, engineering and other programmes undertaken by the public sector, we are committed to delivering better, faster and greener solutions…

Modular Buildings Residential


From small scale GP practices to large scale hospital complexes, our health sector encompasses a wide  range of building types ideally suited to factory produced volumetric modules.

Modular Buildings Public Services


We replace outdated and crumbling temporary classrooms with a permanent, energy-efficient building, or as part of a larger programme of new build replacement.

private sector modular building


In all cases high quality, cost effective low rise units can be constructed up to 6 storeys high and offering a range of sleeping, cooking and relaxation facilities for military applications.

private sector modular building


We have been engaged in the development of purpose built prison units as part of the UK Government’s Prison Estates Transformation Programme for the Department of Justice.