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Smarter Better Greener Faster

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Supporting Local Projects

Totally Modular are one of the pioneers of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) in the UK. We design, manufacture and construct steel framed volumetric modular buildings, providing a full turnkey offering to the residential, public and private sectors in the UK and overseas.

We design your modules which are then constructed in our facility, transported by lorry to site and craned into position onto pre-prepared foundations. The only site work required thereafter is to bolt modules together and connect services.

Having developed a proven system to enable us to build up to 18mtrs (6 storeys), our buildings are constructed using a hybrid HRS and LGS steel skeletal structure with all building fabric and fixtures fitted within our certified factory environment resulting in minimal on-site finishing activities.

Who Are Totally Modular?

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Varied Applications

The way in which modules can be assembled and combined makes them adaptable to a wide range of residential, public and private market sector applications in the UK and overseas.

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Forging Global Partnerships & Supporting Local Projects


We’ve long supported the principle of keeping things local wherever possible. Our centralised manufacturing hub in the UK can be replicated anywhere in the world where the product is needed.

Using local skills and knowledge we help engage with local communities to offer employment and allow businesses to invest in the place they call home.

We actively seek out partners looking to identify and develop additional manufacturing facilities and work with them to create a viable and sustainable commercial enterprise.

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Some estimates show a potential reduction in construction time of up to 50%.

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MMC is a subject with a growing following with governments worldwide.



Minimising risk of injury with majority of work being carried out within the factory.

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Layout & fit out, internal and external finishes are all totally customisable to suit the budget and application.

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The process is capable of up-scaling from individual units to complex assemblies of modules certified up to 6 units high.

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Current and past projects include Crown, leisure, retail, hospitality, housing and commercial office projects.

Why Partner With Totally Modular?

We believe in the concept of delivering local homes for local people, employing local skills and labour to the benefit of the local community and local economy.

flexible approach

Flexible & Adaptable

From pre-planning and site inspection through design and manufacture to installation of modules through to completion.

Award Winning Team

Recognised as one of the leading producers of volumetric modular buildings with a track record in national and regional construction industry awards.

Streamlined Experience

Whether a first time user or seasoned professional we’re here to make sure you get the full benefits that MMC has to offer you and your client or end user.

fully accredited

Fully Accredited

Our service, design, factory, manufacturing processes and procedures are backed by appropriate professional bodies.

flexible approach

Private Factory

Our own factory gives us the key advantage of control and agility to react swiftly to client needs, employing local skills and with local knowledge

Working with UK & International Partners

Our commitment to the whole MMC (modern methods of construction) journey across many of our projects has shown a combination of accelerated delivery, digital planning, and production technologies that will enable the construction industry to attain new levels of quality, variability and efficiency.

This success is a unique achievement that highlights our strong commitment for driving new innovative methods to enable positive transformation within the global construction sector for a multitude of reasons.

Could we be the right partner for your next project?

Making A Positive Impact & Forming Long Standing Partnerships.

There’s no substitute for experience. Totally Modular are one of the pioneers of volumetric building with over 10 years of expertise working closely with government agencies, developers and innovation organisations.

HM Government
UK Research and Innovation
Home England
Flagship Home Partnership
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Coventry City Council
Nuneaton Bedworth
Northern Gas Networks
coventry's first modular home development complete

Case Study: Littlethorpe Development

Pilot scheme for Citizen Housing on a redundant infill site, suffering from blight into 2, energy efficient houses as a full turnkey solution project…
Totally Modular Case Study

Case Study: Houlton Emergency Accommodation

We delivered a bespoke mixture of housing solutions, which were used to get vulnerable, homeless individuals off the streets…
Modular Buildings Residential

Are You An Investor Or Developer?

We are keen to develop a relationship with public and private sector investors and property developers who are looking to invest in land for commercial or residential development.

Collaboration with MMC companies

Stellar UK Project Collaboration

In association with a group of likeminded businesses we have created a consortium of academic, technical, industry and end user stakeholders, working together to support SMEs and Social Housing Providers to embrace MMC.

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Public Sector Projects

The UK Goverment has recognised MMC as a significant element in the delivery of future public works projects. It understands the need to change the way in which it procures construction to support investment in and maximise the use of MMC.

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