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Littlethorpe Development

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Littlethorpe Project

The Client

Client: Citizen Housing
Type: 1 X 2B4P   1 X 3B5P
Main Contractor: Totally Modular

Citizen have 120 garage sites located in Coventry which will provide around 300 new homes. Recognising the impact on surrounding communities in delivering these small infill sites the decision was made to explore modular construction options.

The Project

Pilot scheme for Citizen Housing on a redundant infill site, suffering from blight into 2, energy efficient houses as a full turnkey solution project.

Totally Modular Mayor Visit

EPC Statistics

ElementDescriptionEnergy Efficiency
WallsAverage thermal transmittance 0.23 W/m²K5/5
RoofAverage thermal transmittance 0.12 W/m²K5/5
FloorAverage thermal transmittance 0.16 W/m²K5/5
WindowsHigh performance glazing5/5
LightingLow energy lighting in all fixed outlets5/5
Air tightnessAir permeability 1.7 m³/h.m² (as tested)5/5

U – Values

External Wall0.23 (Max. 0.30)0.23 (Max. 0.70)PASS
Party Wall0.00 (Max. 0.20)PASS
Floor0.16 (Max. 0.25)0.16 (Max. 0.70)PASS
Roof0.12 (Max. 0.20)0.12 (Max. 0.35)PASS
Openings1.40 (Max. 2.00)1.40 (Max. 3.30)PASS

Thermal transmittance, also known as U-value, is the rate of transfer of heat through a structure, divided by the difference in temperature across that structure.


A+ EPC Rating (97 & 98)

CO2 Rating 98/100

We achieved a leakage rate of 1.73m2/(h.m2) at 50Pa (target 2)

95% Built Offsite

Exceeded Building Regulations

12 Year Warranty


Achieved a wall that can cope with almost 4x the amount of volume that it needed to

The average household causes around 6 tonnes of CO2 every year, the Littlethorpe houses will only generate roughly 0.2 tonnes of CO2 every year

Achieved an A rating. The average household is 60/100, in the D band

/ Awards /

Awards from the Littlethorpe Development

Winner – Offsite Award

Constructing Excellence Midlands Awards

Finalist – Offsite Award

Constructing Excellence National Awards

Finalist – Innovation Award

Constructing Excellence Midlands Awards

Finalist – Best Approach to Modular Construction

Inside Housing Development Awards 2019

Finalist – Adoption of BIM within Affordable Housing

Constructing Excellence Midlands Awards

Finalist – Social Housing Project of the Year

Offside Awards

12 Month Follow-up Results

£540 per annum

Actual running costs for a 3-bedroom house.

12 Month Follow-up Results

£1.48p per day

Actual running costs for a 3-bedroom house.

Our modular homes are highly customisable with a strict focus on attention to detail, energy efficiency and build consistency. 

I was very pleased to get a chance to visit Totally Modular’s development in partnership with Citizen and Coventry City Council in my Constituency. It was extremely useful to hear first-hand about the cutting edge of modular housing. I was greatly impressed not only with the quality of the finished product but also with the speed in which it had been assembled and then constructed.

/ – Jim Cunningham, MP /