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5 Micro Living Spaces With Modular Building Solutions

In a world marked by rapid urbanisation and a growing awareness of sustainable living, the demand for innovative housing solutions has never been greater. Enter modular micro-home construction, a modern method of building that has been gaining traction in recent years.

From residents looking for a more sustainable living approach, to on-demand emergency housing solutions, let’s explore 5 micro living spaces that are beginning to transform the world of accommodation.

What is a micro living space?

A micro living space, often referred to as a compact or tiny living space, is a residential unit characterised by its significantly reduced square footage compared to traditional homes.

Typically ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand square feet, micro living spaces prioritise efficient use of space to provide all the essential amenities for comfortable living. They usually include sleeping areas, kitchens, bathrooms, and sometimes even multi-functional furniture.

These spaces are designed to maximise functionality and often embrace minimalist or modular design concepts to accommodate the needs of residents within a smaller footprint. Modular buildings, characterised by their eco-conscious design and versatility, are transforming micro living spaces into functional, efficient, and sustainable homes.

What is a modular building?

A modular building is made up of individual prefabricated sections or ‘modules’. After being created in a controlled factory environment, they head to a construction site for final assembly.

These modules fit seamlessly together, creating a complete and functional structure. Modular buildings offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Speed of construction
  • Cost-efficiency
  • High-quality construction standards
  • Flexibility in design

Their versatility makes them a great solution for various building needs — from housing and offices to healthcare facilities and educational institutions.

What are some of the use cases for modular buildings?

Modular construction’s adaptability allows it to serve a wide range of short-, medium-, and long-term applications. As a result, micro living spaces made from modules can be valuable assets in addressing homelessness and housing crises.

1. Emergency relief

In areas affected by conflict or natural disasters worldwide, modular units can be rapidly deployed for emergency relief. Whether clustered, stacked, or placed on the ground, these units offer shelter when it is needed most.

They offer a quick, safe solution for those in desperate need of a roof over their heads, and can help those affected by natural disasters regroup and plan their next move.

2. Meanwhile land

On land with temporary planning permissions or council-owned properties like car parks, modular units can provide an instant short to medium-term housing solution.

This flexibility is crucial in rapidly evolving urban landscapes, and it’s also a great solution for those who are in the process of building a property from scratch. Much like a caravan, a modular micro-home can provide a temporary base whilst construction work is going on.

3. Permanent housing

Modular construction isn’t just a temporary fix. Single-person bungalows and family bungalows can be constructed, as well as stacked units for apartment blocks and HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation). This paves the way for permanent housing solutions.

4. Key worker accommodation

In remote areas, temporary or semi-permanent key worker accommodation (such as healthcare) is often required. Modular units are ideal for addressing this need, offering comfortable and convenient living spaces for essential personnel.

5. Student housing

Modular solutions are an ideal fit for student accommodation due to their speed of construction, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability. Modular units, such as dormitory-style rooms or apartment-style suites, can be manufactured off-site with high-quality finishes and furnishings, ensuring comfortable living spaces.

Micro living solutions with Totally Modular

As the demand for housing becomes even more pressing, micro-living solutions are a sustainable, economic solution to help tackle times of crisis.

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