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‘Pre-fab’ homes installed in Coventry amid housing crisis
TWO modular homes similar to post-war pre-fabs have been installed in Coventry as part of a pioneering housing project.

The homes were constructed in a factory and taken to the site at Littlethorpe, Willenhall.

The homes built include a two-bedroom property and a three-bedroom property – and they could be the first of many across the West Midlands.

Modular housing is being praised as a way to solve the country’s shortage of affordable homes as they can be constructed quickly and cheaply – much like prefabricated houses.

Executive director of development at WM Housing Nick Byrne said: “It is great to see the finished product after following this journey over the last few months.

“The new homes look brilliant and there are so many benefits to this method of building.

“This is the future of housing with build times dramatically reduced.”

When they were transported to the site at Littlethorpe there were already kitchens and bathrooms installed in the buildings.

Managing director at Totally Modular John Connolly said: “We’re thrilled to have transported the modular homes and installed them successfully at Littlethorpe.

“Up to 95 per cent of the work on the homes is completed in the factory and when they are taken to the site they are lifted on to precision installed pads and once it has been hooked up to the mains, the keys are ready to be handed to the new tenant.”

The properties will have many benefits for residents including reduced fuel bills, he adds.

They use energy efficient technology such as solar PV, battery storage, air source heat pumps.

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Labour councillors Ram Lakha and David Welsh with housing group chiefs.

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