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TM Portfolio of Modular Homes 2018

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Our portfolio of houses and custom module solutions are all built using volumetric steel frame modular manufacture techniques, with virtually all of the work done under cover in our quality controlled factory environments. The range is composed of 10 models, ranging from 16.8m2 ground floor buildings to 93 m2 two-story houses and blocks of 17 units.

TM line contains 1 apartment type (TM-AT.01), 1 bungalow type (TM-BT.01), 4 house types (TM-HT.01 to TM-HT.04) and 4 micro living pods (TM-HU.01 to TM-HU.04).

The design of the TM line is inspired by British architecture, and different exterior cladding options are available, such as redwood or cedar, render, bricks or cladding panels.

The modular houses are up-to 97% complete when they arrive on site, including fitted interior kitchens and bathrooms, external finishes and electrical cabling. The home is then delivered to the building site and craned into place over a piled foundation.


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