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Totally Modular Awarded Place on £400m Modular Housing Framework

West Midlands based modular housing manufacturer Totally Modular, are excited to announce that they have been selected as a delivery partner on the Procure Plus ‘Offsite Manufacture and Construction of Housing’ Framework worth an estimated £400m. Procure Plus is a not-for-profit company that specialises in the procurement of goods and services related to both new build and repair and maintenance for a wide range of social housing.

The framework agreement provides for the design, off-site manufacture and construction of housing. Six suppliers have been selected for the framework; Totally Modular Ltd, M-AR Offsite, Impact Modular Ltd, Jan Snel UK Ltd, Melius Homes and OSCO Homes.

The Procure Plus framework unlocks the much needed modern methods of construction (MMC) innovation which is vital to overcome the current housing crisis the UK is facing.

Totally Modular are calling for any housing association or local authority tempted by this innovative, sustainable offering to start their MMC journey by engaging in this transformative framework.

Procure Plus has said customers of the four-year agreement will be able to select from the chosen contractors’ standard house types, with a range of enhancements and variations.

 The Framework Objectives are to:

a) Increase the adoption of offsite construction within the social housing sector.

b) Promote the early involvement of the manufacturer in the development of the works.

c) Facilitate collaboration between the relevant parties to deliver choice, innovation and efficiency.

John Connolly, Managing Director of Totally Modular commented on the success:

“As the delivery of modular homes is still in its infancy within the UK, organisations such as Procure Plus are fundamental in offering both local authorities and housing associations a methodology to contract with new innovative enterprises who have entered the residential housing sector whilst complying with OJEU regulations.

We are delighted to have been selected as a delivery partner for Procure Plus as this framework will be key to ushering in an alternative to supplement traditional build. Thank you to my colleagues who participated in this process and well done to all successful parties who will deliver within this framework!”

Totally Modular offer a range of housing solutions; houses, apartments, airspace and emergency accommodation, achieving a minimum EPC rating of A+ being within the top 1% of all housing developments in the UK for energy efficiency.

The homes can be delivered as a full turnkey solution from design all the way to delivery. These homes can provide higher quality solutions with lower risk and greater speed, cost-effectiveness and consistency.

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