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Totally Modular awarded top ten spot in the Climate Champions Power List

We are thrilled to announce that Totally Modular has been recognised for its dedication to improving its environmental impact.

Our Innovation Lead, Ele George has been awarded tenth place in the Climate Champions Power List, which was announced at the Homes UK virtual event.

The Climate Champions Power List recognises individuals for their efforts, achievements and innovations in tackling the climate emergency and celebrates those who are driving positive change in the sector.

Ele George, Innovation Lead commented on her success by saying:

“I am so humbled to have been recognised for my hard work in bringing forward the agenda for sustainable construction, alongside some truly inspirational people.

I hope this list will inspire others to step-up and join the likes of Totally Modular, who are trying to positively contribute to the sustainability of our planet. The problems we are facing can feel overwhelming, but we can all make a difference through creativity, collaboration and enthusiasm.”

See the full list of winners here.


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