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Totally Modular launches new range of modular houses for 2018

Leading volumetric modular housing manufacturer Totally Modular has announced the launch of its new TM line of modular houses for 2018. The portfolio comprises 10 models with the domestic range starting at 18.2m2 single module buildings and stretching up to 93m2 three storey domestic houses. Commercial solutions include single-module micro-living units up to temporary accommodation blocks designed using 17 modules.

Two volumetric module sizes are used in various layouts to create flexible accommodation solutions. In this way, Totally Modular, is helping to address the housing crisis from different angles, providing both low-cost affordable housing in large numbers and high-quality exclusive options to take advantage of compact city opportunities.

The design of the TM line is inspired by both modern and traditional elements of British architecture with different exterior cladding options available such as redwood or cedar, render, bricks or cladding panels. All of which provide quickly inhabitable modular living spaces for individuals, couples and families.

The modular houses are 97% complete when they arrive on site, including fitted kitchens and bathrooms, external finishes and electrical cabling. The home is then delivered to the building site and craned into place, typically onto a slab-on-grade or concrete piled foundation, although units can be placed on traditional foundations steel frames or existing roofs with the necessary structural calculations and planning permission.

The offsite engineered production-line building of houses from the TM line reduces waste by up to 80% and helps reduce CO2 by 50% when compared to traditional site construction. In addition, the materials used to manufacture the TM line are sourced from suppliers that use mostly recycled materials. Homes are extremely energy efficient and low-maintenance.

Mick Pettitt, Operations Director at Totally Modular, commented: The main goal of Totally Modular is to provide a great quality house for everyone. With our TM line, we can offer a range of solutions that fit different family sizes and needs. Thanks to our modular offsite manufacturing capabilities, the homes in the TM line are quick to build, reliable, affordable, sustainable and customisable.”

“Modular construction satisfies a number of demands in addition to fast build times for developers; we have consistent quality approval processes so avoiding extended approvals and re-work onsite. We can also build exclusively affordable housing on any size of development plot, which is proving extremely attractive to housing associations with quotas to fill.”

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