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What is Volumetric Modular?

Volumetric modular building brings a number of advantages, compared to traditional onsite building construction, making it highly appealing to buyers, manufacturers and policy makers.

More specifically, volumetric modular techniques are faster, cheaper and result in high-quality buildings.


Modular buildings can go up much quicker than traditional ones, as delays are minimised. According to different studies, volumetric modular constructions are approximately 50% faster than traditional methods.

First, the buildings are manufactured in factory conditions, where productivity is maximised. Also, the climate-controlled factory setting avoids any construction delays due to bad weather.

In addition, modular building reduces material waste. As the building materials are kept inside the factory, they cannot easily be stolen, vandalized, or ruined. Therefore, there is no need to replace the materials and supplies.


The service life of a modular construction is comparable to the one from traditional onsite-build constructions of equivalent high-quality.

In addition, by manufacturing the building offsite in the controlled environment of the factory, it is possible to monitor closely the building’s quality during manufacturing and provide an edifice of standardised and easily reproducible quality. In fact, studies found up to 75% fewer defects in offsite buildings

 Fixed Cost

Thanks to the factory conditions, which reduce construction times, risks and delays while improving the building’s quality, modular buildings are considerably cheaper than onsite-built edifices of equivalent quality.

More specifically, studies found modular construction to be 40-60% cheaper than traditional onsite building.

In addition, by using pre-set module and by reducing the chances of possible delays, costs are fixed and kept under control.

Finally, the offsite method enables to manufacture highly energy efficient buildings, therefore reducing future energy costs.

Save more at scale

As buildings are quickly manufactured in a factory, it is possible to produce more of them in a shorter time. Hence, the cost saving resulting from the production of one building are further amplified in scale production.

Urgent need for homes

The lack of affordable and decent homes is affecting the entire country. To solve this crisis, the UK Government is aiming to build 300,000 new homes per year.

Modular construction can help addressing this issue by quickly providing affordable, high-quality homes for families or solutions for social housing.

Skills shortage

It is estimated that over the next ten years there will be 25% decline in the construction industry labour force. Volumetric modular may be the solution to solve this crisis.

Working offsite, in indoor and in a protected environment is more favourable and less demanding than working outdoor, onsite. With people more motivated to work on a building production line, it is possible to overcome the construction skill shortage that is affecting the country.

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